Titan Worldwide

When appearing abroad Titan really has made the headlines; Titan was on the front cover of Beijing’s biggest selling newspaper, appeared in every Irish national newspaper on the same day including two front covers, made several Hong Kong publications, has popped up in The Gulf News on many occasions and has even met royalty in the shape of the Crown Prince of Dubai, His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, not once but three times!
Titan has a worldwide appeal having performed in many countries from France to China and getting Titan abroad has never been easier, let Robot X help you with all the details from shipping to Visas.
When Titan appears in Europe or Ireland he simply travels via ferry and road but further a field Titan needs to be air freighted out in advance.

The costs for airfreight can be quite high but there are ways of reducing the costs, please speak to one of our representatives here at Robot X who have first hand experience of taking Titan abroad.
Robot X can also offer extremely good rates for extended periods abroad particularly during the British winter time (September to May).

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